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Escape to nostalgic environments in an expressive world of shape and colour.

I am a Melbourne based artist whose vibrant work focuses on still life compositions and explores my position as a consumerist. I am originally from the UK and studied fine art at University, writing my thesis on art and mass consumerism.

My work explores nostalgic scenes and social moments. The works exist to transport the viewer to uplifting and familiar environments through the use of expressive pattern, colour and still life compositions. Bold blocks of colour and collage define my practice with layers of paint and collage to add depth and texture. Flowers, animals, vessels, food and interiors are the subject throughout and the flatness/shape can often create multiple outcomes in what the viewer interprets from a work. 


My work is predominantly paint on canvas using, acrylic, oil, oil stick and collage. I use techniques that allow me to create naive marks and use shape and pattern opposed to replicating what I see in a literal sense.

It has taken many years for me to define my niche in style (and continues to evolve) which is described as textured, colourful and an abstract take on what I see. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of conventional still life, creating ambiguity and taking inspiration from artists such as Matisse, Cézanne and Kandinsky. My paintings often celebrate everyday objects with their intense colour and examination of space and form.

Exhibitions & Media 


Life Distilled, Fenton & Fenton May 2023

Modern Tables, Bluethumb April 2023

Escape Exhibition The ARX London February 2023

Summer Exhibition, Fenton & Fenton February 2023

Burn Side gallery December 2022

Christmas Guide, Fenton & Fenton December 2022

Paired, Side Gallery July 2022

Opening Exhibition, Verandah Studio April 2022

Mother's Day Ex, Fenton & Fenton March 2022

F*CK Covid, Fenton & Fenton December 2021

Peace of Art Auction, Fenton & Fenton 2021

Spring Show, Fenton & Fenton September 2021

IIDLEWILD, The Side Gallery, September 2020

Feel Good, Fenton & Fenton August 2020

Back to Now, No Vacancy, June 2020

Back to Now, No Vacancy, June 2020

IWD Exhibition, Who Gallery, March 2020


Origin Magazine, Dec/Jan 23

The Age Domain, May 2022

The Design Files, May 2022

Sitchu Melbourne, October 2021

Grand Design, December 2020


Kate Ford X Laura Thomas Pallais Collection 2023

Journey of Something Paint by Numbers 2021


Finalist/ Bluethumb Art Prize 2021

Rising Star Finalist /Fenton and Fenton 2020

Rising Star/ Bluethumb Top 10 Rising stars of 2021

Fine Art Degree (BA HONS) / Exeter - 2012


IG : create_bylaura


Melbourne, Australia

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